How to succeed as a designer?

Starting a new career in interior design, remodeling or architecture or taking it to another level is not always easy. As a graduate you have to facethe harsh reality that outside the walls of big universities it is hard to find a job if you don’t have a huge portfolio yet.  When you are just startingnot being good enough might not be the biggest issue. You might have excellent skills, but the lack of experience might reduce your chances to get good projects.

This is especially true for young and newly- graduated architects and designers who have to actively sell their designs and look for new clients, something that steals a lot of the time that should go into the creative process. They have two options. They can either become a freelancer or get a job in an agency. But what if either of the two don’t work out?

Worry no more,because you can launch your career on Arcbazar. Itprovides the best online platform for designers, architects, contractors, floor planners, and so on.  This is where you can find lots of opportunities to evolve and showcase your amazing designs and even challenge established designers.

No need to leave the comfort of your home, you can do it all from your office or your couch, for that matter. Just be courageous enough to sign up and to participate with your design proposals and make sure that you always give your absolute best.

Let’s say you have signed up and read all about how it works,about joining competitions, submitting architectural designs and all that. All you have to do now if is to find your motivation and join the first competition and that is very easy. After you sign up you will see a lot of competitions launched by clients from all over the world. They are either looking for a landscape design, floor plan, interior design or remodeling services.  Their interior design project can be an important source of income and pride for you, so don’t hesitate to participate.

There are no registration fees when enlisting yourself as one of the participants of a competition and although you are competing with great designers if you put in enough effort and creativity, your chances of getting a new well-paid project are quite high.  The competitors remain anonymous until one gets chosen so you have equal chances, no matter against whom you are competing.

Just remember to act fast when you find a competition that you feel that you are likely to win, some competitions have limit number of participants set by the client.

However, be careful not randomly sign up for every project that you see without submitting good work. has a point system and awards designers depending on their activity. Just picking out random projects and submitting sub-par designs can get you negative points that will hurt your ranking.

Whether you are a student looking for an extra income, a newly- graduated designer, a pro, an expert, a professional, or someone who has no formal education in the field,  but has the skills and talent, you can use Arcbazar to find great design projects to work on.

Try Arcbazar or recommend it to someone who is looking to start a career in interior design or even to people who are looking for great designers at excellent prices, you’ll be doing everyone a favor.

Asian furniture, especially antique Chinese furniture, adds a distinct element of tranquility and elegance to any space.

One way of enhancing one’s appreciation of Chinese solid wood furniture is to understand the traditional joinery techniques employed by the masters. Although the study of joinery may not seem like a natural approach to the aesthetically inclined observer, the techniques employed play an important part in the overall effect. The beauty and harmony that one experiences when viewing masterpieces is often the result of a unity that lies beneath the surface. In traditional Chinese joinery, the separate parts of a piece of furniture are not only connected together to form a functional object, but also showcase very advanced architectural conceptualizations. Techniques of wood joinery began with an ancient intuitively technological culture and developed through continuous evolution. Further heights of sophistication and refinement were reached during the early Qing and Ming dynasties along with the organized manufacturing of hardwood furniture.

One fascinating fact is that there are limitless combinations of joints that are possible in Chinese furniture. Familiarity with the major types and typical applications is somewhat necessary for anyone interested in Chinese furniture. It is important to remember that the joinery should be consistent, and the construction should be logical. If irregularities are observed, it is likely that the piece is not authentic or that it has been changed from its original form.

To begin, the most basic joint in Chinese cabinet making is the mortise and tenon.  Many types of mortise-and-tenon joints can be found in antique Chinese furniture. This antique Chinese sideboard is a great example of mortise and tenon joinery.


In the butt-joined mortise and tenon, whichis the most rudimentary mortise and tenon joint, the ends of both of the separate pieces to be joined are squared. If the ends are cut at an angle, it is called a mitered joint. However, a joint can only be mitered on one side or both sides.

Other, more advanced and noteworthy Chinese joinery techniques are the Recessed Leg, Frame and Panel, Corner Leg, and Bamboo Style Construction.

Authentic vintage Chinese furniture exhibiting these incredible joinery techniques can be found at Terra Nova Asian and Contemporary Furniture in LosAngeles. Visit our web site here to browse our beautiful collection of Asian furniture:

Cartier designer watches are extremely classy and flashy

Cartier Ballon Bleu watches are highly expensive and beyond the reach of common man. However there are Cartier Ballon Bleu replica watches designed for both men and women that seems just like the original one and it’s hard to point out any significant differences. The replica watches incorporate the exact design and characteristics as the original one and the only thing that varies among the two is the price rate. The distinct design of ballon bleu collection has inspired the world for a long time and Cartier ballon bleu replica watches embody the seductive sheen and classic style found in the original collection. The stylish and beyond exceptional chronometers in the replica collection would reflect the sophistication of the wearer’s taste and would deliver the same classy feel as the original Cartier watches. Calibre de Cartier replica watches Among the finest means becoming a Cartier manager, if you cannot afford to get a whole new you are to look for applied or maybe pre-owned Cartiers.


Another notable wrist watch brand is Omega that has delivered some of the world class models and collections that are known for their intricate patterns, sophisticated designs, and innovative style. The Omega seamaster planet ocean collection offers professional class and luxury wrist watches that are highly sought after by renowned divers across the globe. The Omega Seamaster planet ocean replica watches are for people who wish to carry the same class and style as professional divers do without spending huge bucks. Built up from stainless steel and boasting a 46 mm diameter dial looks appealing on men’s wrists.


Did you Know That a Student Pilot is Rated by Most Life Insurance Companies.

There are various insurance plans that offer policies to sick individuals who are unable to get insurance anywhere else, although the premiums are high. Insurance companies generally hesitate to insure individuals with high mortality risks. The major kinds of insurance policies are term life insurance and permanent life insurance. A term life insurance policy provides death insurance for a specified duration. Whole life insurance and term life insurance are the two basic forms of insurance policies. A term life insurance policy is also called temporary or short-term life insurance.

People with short-term insurance needs, like a young individual with dependents, a house loan or a car loan, favor this kind of insurance policy because they are cheap and affordable in comparison to whole life policies. There are now two kinds of term life insurance, namely level term (decreasing premium) and annual renewable term (increasing premium) policies. Whole life insurance has an ingrained cash value and guaranteed life protection features.

The initial steep premiums of whole life insurance may exceed the actual cost of the insurance. If you are a single parent then it is all the more important to get a life insurance online quote at the earliest and buy the best and most suitable life insurance policy thereafter, Your life insurance amount is also decided by your economic and family situations. Remember all Life insurance companies that offer you a life insurance online quote require very specific information regarding your medical history. You will receive the life insurance online quote specific to your requirement. Life insurance companies have been selling term life insurance on line for a while now. Whole life insurance is now also available.

8 Principles in Running a Sales-Led Business

Moving into 2013 we’re all feeling confident for the future. If you’re in a sales-led company, then you’ll be engrossed with the opportunities. Here’s a quick break to measure yourself against professional sales managers and see what you can do differently in 2013.

Research carried out this year (2012) with members of the UK’s Sales Performance Association gave these as the top 8 principles to running a sales business. Let’s see how your sales-led business compares.

The 8 principles of solid sales management

  1. Recruit technical experts who can relate to the companies or clients they call upon, who understand how companies work and the report and accounts and who are intimate with their understanding of their industry. Or hire people and train them in these areas. Hey you don’t need to train them, they have Google if they’re driven enough.
  2. Hold regular sales training and techniques workshops. Hire the best sales trainers your budget can afford and don’t go for second best.
  3. Do lots of 1 to 1 coaching with your team, at least 2 to 3 days on the road with them quarterly.
  4. Follow a strict sales process or account management process, stick to it, train to it and coach it. It doesn’t have to be long winded or stretch for years, unless you operate a very complex sale. But you must have one. Be aware that modern sales processes work alongside the customer’s buying process because they’re now in control. With your sales process overlaid against their buying process, we can see the engagement points i.e. where you add value to their buying decision. Thus is born your sales process.
  5. Have a Sales Playbook. As a rugby coach for under 15’s I know that every opportunity in the game of rugby goes into a playbook. It contains all the moves, drills, routines that will ensure success at any point in the game. It tells you what to do when you’re in an offensive situation under their posts, or in defensive mode. The playbook is a constant companion to the rugby coach and players alike. It holds all the wisdom, ideas, innovations that means a successful game of rugby. Likewise you should have a playbook for each segment of your sales process, capturing the best practice that you should follow for every move.
  6. Learn how procurement works in the companies you call upon because you will encounter them more than you think.
  7. Meticulous use of Customer Relationship Management – CRM – an absolute must. Good salespeople run their business lives through the CRM system. It’s like your Outlook calendar, contacts and tasks on steroids and it helps you to wrap your business day around the customers you’re currently selling to. Essential.
  8. Continual recruitment even if you have no vacancies. Never cease in this area otherwise it’ll come back to bite you from behind.

This is what professional sales managers say about their sales businesses but what about you? Have you got some ideas to tighten up for 2013?