How to succeed as a designer?

Starting a new career in interior design, remodeling or architecture or taking it to another level is not always easy. As a graduate you have to facethe harsh reality that outside the walls of big universities it is hard to find a job if you don’t have a huge portfolio yet.  When you are just startingnot being good enough might not be the biggest issue. You might have excellent skills, but the lack of experience might reduce your chances to get good projects.

This is especially true for young and newly- graduated architects and designers who have to actively sell their designs and look for new clients, something that steals a lot of the time that should go into the creative process. They have two options. They can either become a freelancer or get a job in an agency. But what if either of the two don’t work out?

Worry no more,because you can launch your career on Arcbazar. Itprovides the best online platform for designers, architects, contractors, floor planners, and so on.  This is where you can find lots of opportunities to evolve and showcase your amazing designs and even challenge established designers.

No need to leave the comfort of your home, you can do it all from your office or your couch, for that matter. Just be courageous enough to sign up and to participate with your design proposals and make sure that you always give your absolute best.

Let’s say you have signed up and read all about how it works,about joining competitions, submitting architectural designs and all that. All you have to do now if is to find your motivation and join the first competition and that is very easy. After you sign up you will see a lot of competitions launched by clients from all over the world. They are either looking for a landscape design, floor plan, interior design or remodeling services.  Their interior design project can be an important source of income and pride for you, so don’t hesitate to participate.

There are no registration fees when enlisting yourself as one of the participants of a competition and although you are competing with great designers if you put in enough effort and creativity, your chances of getting a new well-paid project are quite high.  The competitors remain anonymous until one gets chosen so you have equal chances, no matter against whom you are competing.

Just remember to act fast when you find a competition that you feel that you are likely to win, some competitions have limit number of participants set by the client.

However, be careful not randomly sign up for every project that you see without submitting good work. has a point system and awards designers depending on their activity. Just picking out random projects and submitting sub-par designs can get you negative points that will hurt your ranking.

Whether you are a student looking for an extra income, a newly- graduated designer, a pro, an expert, a professional, or someone who has no formal education in the field,  but has the skills and talent, you can use Arcbazar to find great design projects to work on.

Try Arcbazar or recommend it to someone who is looking to start a career in interior design or even to people who are looking for great designers at excellent prices, you’ll be doing everyone a favor.