Unemployment and Small Business – Our Economic Performance in 2012 and 2013

As of August 2012 unemployment in the United States was 8.3%. As bad as that was, it was much better than the European Union which is nearly 13% unemployment (average). Countries like Spain are now over 20%. One of the biggest challenges in the United States is overregulation of small business, and rather than attempting to reduce these regulations, unfortunately we’ve piled on more. Some of these regulations were meant for corporations, to keep them aligned with the ethics of our society, but nevertheless they do affect the little guy, often much more. Okay so let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Our economic performance in 2012 and 2013 will surely depend on the performance of our small business community throughout this great nation of ours. If every small business in the country merely hire one more person, we would have easily created more than enough jobs to satisfy our employment goals. Some say that companies should start hiring people first, therefore more people will have a paycheck, therefore they will spend more money buying the products and services of all the other businesses, therefore the economy will be hyper accelerated.

While this is an interesting theory, and can mathematically be proven, you must understand that businesses are in business to make money, not throw it away. They must operate in a place to stay efficient and profitable. If we want businesses to hire more people we need to make it easier for them to hire people, cut the red tape, and therefore cut some of the risk out of the equation, but unfortunately right now we (as a nation, I’d personally never do anything like that) are doing just the opposite, which is my point here.

You see, the unemployment in our country and the success of our smaller companies and entrepreneurs are interlinked. We can’t have one without the other. Without healthy and strong entrepreneurial companies we can’t expect to have low unemployment figures, nor can we meet our economic performance goals allowing for more taxation funds into our government to provide all the services that these politicians have graciously promised.

The regulation issue is a sticky point with many people, however it’s time we looked at the regulations at all levels of government; municipal, county, state, and federal government levels. Until we make it easier to do business, and simplify the process, there is just too much chaos and risk, and cost for a business owner to choose to hire more people. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

How The Hidden Costs of Doing Business For Small Business Owners Works Against Business Growth

In one of my favorite all time business books, Corporate Canaries, the author Gary Sutton has one chapter entitled “You Can’t Outgrow Losses.” This chapter should be a must read for all small business owners to C Suite executive and even the ever growing ranks of independent contractors.

Today, all of these individuals may get a reprieve from a forthcoming piece of Federal legislation. Beginning in 2013, all businesses must not only report services using the 1099 form, but also purchases using the 1099 above $500 to a single vendor. This compliance requirement was bundled in the massive Health Care reform bill of which much was unread by those who voted to accept it. And may face repeal given the outrage by businesses who will be facing additional costs just to manage all the accounting and reporting.

The 1099 compliance is just one of many hidden costs of doing business. For example, the Small Business Administration (SBA) in 2006 revealed the average small business person spent $7,646 per employee in compliance costs specific to all government regulations. Compliance costs for US businesses are greater than any other country and help to keep them uncompetitive.

Since many US businesses have less than 25 employees, sometimes they forget to determine the hidden costs of doing business. These costs range from the obvious one of telephone and Internet charges to the not so obvious ones such updating customer databases or tracking inventory or compliance costs. What happens is these business processes become like the chair that has sat in the corner for many years, never being moved because it was always there.

Years ago I read a story about a young woman who asked her mother why did they cut the ends off the roast. The mother responded because that is how your grandmother cooked the roast. To satisfy her curiosity, the daughter asked her grandmother why the ends of the roast were cut off. Grandmother quickly responded with “To fit into the only roasting pan I had at the time.”

Awareness, as with the granddaughter, is part of doing business and helps to find all those hidden costs. Then a continuous improvement plan can be implemented to maintain or better yet reduce those costs which are much like a dripping faucet draining those much desired profit dollars.

Business is much more than the ever present goal to increase sales. Both factors of the business formula revenue less costs equal profits must be continually examined. By knowing the hidden costs can help you truly Be the Red Jacket in the marketplace.

New Ride: 2013 Ford Explorer Sport

Ford’s Explorer line is adding a Sport model, a top of the line edition to this popular crossover SUV. The 2013 Ford Explorer Sport goes on sale this year, bringing with it a new engine and a full-time four-wheel-drive system. The Explorer Sport’s price has yet to be announced, but will likely come in around $40,000 or just above the price of the Explorer Limited.

Powerful Engine

The Explorer Sport name is a familiar one to Ford enthusiasts, but hasn’t been seen since Ford switched platforms from its previous body on frame chassis to its current unibody design. What this model brings in is a 3.5-liter V-6 engine, a motor that provides V-8 equivalent power and does so without sacrificing fuel economy.

Indeed, the Explorer Sport is expected to deliver 350 horsepower thanks to a pair of turbochargers and direct fuel injection. Ford will pair this engine with a shiftable 6-speed automatic transmission and adds steering wheel mounted paddle shifters for drivers who insist on a more engaged drive.

A full-time four-wheel-drive system with terrain management is designed to provide maximum traction in a variety of weather conditions. It has also been engineered to perform well in mud and sand, just the kind of terrain off-roaders will frequently encounter.

Exterior & Interior Updates

Exterior changes are evident in the new, blacked out grille. Not clearly as evident, but very much present is a functional opening in the fascia, one designed to enhance cooling. Not a bad idea given that this twin-turbocharged engine will be working hard and building up the heat. Other changes can be seen in the blacked-out roof racks and 20-inch aluminum wheels.

Inside, Ford upgrades the interior by adding heated front seats. Those seats, offering 10-way power for the driver and 6-way for the passenger, are well bolstered and offer lumbar support. Also offered is a 12-speaker Sony premium audio system, SYNC with MyFord Touch, dual-zone climate control, black charcoal seating surfaces in cloth or leather, and a rear view camera. Available options include active park assist, inflatable rear seat belts, a 110-volt outlet, folding side mirrors, a dual-panel moonroof, power liftgate and a towing package that enables the Explorer Sport to haul up to 5,000 pounds.

Roomy Interior

The Explorer Sport offers three rows of seating and seating for six or seven. Unique seat stitching, contrasting Sienna inserts and special appliques help to set this model apart from other Explorers. Four special exterior color schemes also give the Explorer Sport a unique look.

Like other Explorer models, the Sport will be built at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant. Production begins this spring.

How to Earn More Money in 2013 – It Is Really Very Easy

For those of you who would like to learn how to earn more money in 2013, you will find that it is really very easy to achieve. The reality is that most people are not ready to challenge themselves to do things differently. Just a little shift in your thinking and the way you do things will result in a massive improvement in your finances..

To earn more money in 2013, it is not important that you understand all the details of every venture before you get started. You will improve as you get along. Most people believe that it is important to know every details of a money making venture before they can tap into its success. “If only I knew the secret… I’d be able to make more money”. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Understanding the details of everything will not always make you successful. Infact, you may end up spending more time researching and analyzing than actually getting started. A situation like this, often lead to “paralysis of analysis”.

If you want to earn more money in 2013, it will be wise you copy someone’s ideas or find ways to improve an existing product. You can make thousands of dollars every month just from helping other people to sell their products for a commission. One of the easiest ways to earn more money is to sell other people’s products for a huge commission. This will even help you to quickly quit your day job easily.

You can also decide to start an online business. No matter how terrible you think your finances may be right now, there is one thing that can turn your life around and give you the financial independence you deserve. It is starting your own online business. The economy today is not fair to anyone, and if you are one of the several folks struggling to make ends meet, and looking for ways to earn more money, this is the time to change your mindset.

You do not need to spend so much money to start your own business online. With a little as $100, you can get everything you need to start just about any profitable business online.

One thing that will help you to boost your earnings in 2013 is to look for a proven money making system that has worked for others. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Finding a proven money making system and using it properly is a great way to earn more money. Everything however depends on your level of motivation, skill and the determination to succeed. You can decide how much you want to earn if you are ready to work towards it.

Top Business Idea for 2013

Many of the top business ideas for 2013 are taking the traditional and putting a twist to it. Taking old hat ideas and adding their own personal spin and making it theirs. With the economic climate today people are realizing that working the 9 to 5 job is risky and not secure. How often do you hear of people being laid-off and left high and dry, with a mortgage and bills to pay… and with no income!

However, starting your own business can be risky too, which is why you should carry out your own research before deciding to invest time, money and effort into any new business venture. When you are looking for ideas on starting a new business, it’s good to remember that the top business idea is filling a need of some kind.

In recent years, one of the fastest growing types of businesses is online information marketing. The world is becoming smaller as the Internet has reached all corners of the globe. Internet use is increasing beyond anyone’s expectations and now with mobile phones and other computer gadgets, having an online information marketing business is within the reach of anyone who can fill a need.

What is online information marketing? Put simply it is where someone provides a solution to a problem.

The best ideas come from people who are knowledgeable and passionate in their particular field of expertise. Do you know something that you could show others how to do? Can you solve a problem? Do you know how to fix things? Everyone has information inside them that can be packaged and sold to customers that are in desperate need of that information, who need that knowledge, who need those shortcuts and who need systems.

The greatest opportunity today is to take the knowledge that you have, the resources, the experience, the education and package it into an information product and put in out into your niche market, your target market.

You have expertise that others will pay you for. You have knowledge from your profession, your education, your hobbies, your sports, your interests, your life, being a parent, a boss, a student a stay at home mom or stay at home dad. It’s your way of doing things. You have experiences, positive and negative, that others could benefit from. All of this you can package as an information product and make money with it.

Many people start their online information marketing business with little or no knowledge and learn as they go. This is how many individuals start their online business but this is also where a lot of people get stuck. Most don’t know what to do next and don’t know how to grow their business. To speed up the process of learning what to do and in what order to do it, online training programs like the Strategic Marketing Roadmap system have been designed to give entrepreneurs step-by-step instructions on starting and growing a successful information marketing business.