Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever!

There are many today who are worried. They worry about the economy of the world or of their country.

Some are worried that they’ve missed the opportunity succeed online, or that they don’t have what it takes.

Many have suffered so much disappointment that they fear they won’t be able to rise above it all and really learn to make a living online.

For all of them, and for you and me too, I have an important message today.

2013 can be your best year ever!

Whether you are struggling to make your first dollar online, or whether you have an online business that provides more income than you can spend, 2013 presents unique and stunning opportunity for you.

I believe there are four keys to making 2013 your best year ever, and will cover the first today.

The first key is mindset – you must believe before you can achieve

I’m not a huge “law of attraction” guy but I do know this… fear is the enemy. Negative thinking must be banished and overcome.

You really do get what you think about, although thinking alone is not enough.

If you are worried that the door of success is closed – that the opportunity to make money online has passed you by, please realize…

There is NO reason success can’t happen for you too.

When it comes to succeeding online, one quality is needed…

The ability to take action and to believe for a good outcome.

It does not take special skills, although some skills will be required.

It does not take a huge budget, although having more money to work with is better than less.

It does not take a Herculean effort, although you will need to commit to work hard and the hours will sometimes be long.

To ready yourself – starting today begin saying only good things about yourself.

Banish from your external and internal vocabulary (words and thoughts) any hint of you not being good enough, of being “dumb” or “slow” or anything like that.

Flatly reject the idea that others deserve success but you somehow don’t, that what works for others will not work for you too.

If you need help with this see Zig Ziglar’s site and immediately read the book “Born to Win.”

Zig Ziglar said…

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.

Please notice that being born is not enough. We have to add the ability and willingness to plan, prepare and expect.

The second key is a commitment to quality.

In the next article we will continue by looking at how you can commit to quality and rise above the limitations that currently hold you back.

Quotes From HR-3962 the House "Health Care Reform" Bill With Analysis From a Small Business Owner

On October 29, 2009 the House released their latest version of the health care reform bill. This was a merger of three bills that were previously being debated in the House. In this article you will find direct quotes from the bill with page and line numbers, and a brief analysis from a small business owner germane to the president’s claim that this would merely add a public option to all the other options available, and that you will be able to keep your present health insurance if you wish to.

“[T]he term ‘grandfathered health insurance coverage’ means individual health insurance coverage that is offered and in force and effect before the first day of (2013) if the following conditions are met:…the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day of (2013).” Page 91 lines 6 – 16.

What insurance company is not going to want to add new clients? No one will be able to stay with their previous insurer. This is a public – dare I say government – mandate!

Another “if” exception to grandfathering from page 91 line 23 – 26 of the HR-3962 reads, “the issuer does not change any of its terms or conditions, including benefits and cost-sharing, from those in effect as of the day before the first day of (2013).”

A company offering coverage outside of the “public option” cannot change anything after the first day that the public option goes into effect? As a business owner myself I know you cannot remain stagnant and stay in business. You must change with the market. This government wants total control. Health care is 1/5th of the economy, some estimate that energy is 1/2 of the economy (cap and trade takes energy over), and they already own GM and Chrysler.

From page 92 lines 14-19, “an employment-based health plan in operation as of the day before the first day of (2013) must meet the same requirements as apply to a qualified health benefits plan under section 201, including the essential benefit package requirement under section 221.”

In other words, private plans must look exactly like the “public option,” eliminating competition, and creating another government monopoly. President Obama already reminded us how successful the other major government monopoly is, when he said, “I think private insurers should be able to compete. They do it all the time. I mean, if you think about, if you think about it, um, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. Right? The, uh, no they are. I mean, it’s the post office that’s always having problems.”

Small Business Planning Must Include Health Care Costs

Based on what little is known about the new health care bill that was just passed, it will have a huge effect on small to mid-sized businesses. One of the line items, as reported in a summary by the Wall Street Journal, is that in 2013 companies with over 50 employees must provide “affordable” health care or face a fine of $3,000 per employee (excluding the first 30 employees). It doesn’t state what “affordable” means.

In the same paragraph it states that the insurance industry must pay an annual fee of $8 billion starting in 2013 and rising in subsequent years.

I guess it’s lost on me how an industry can pay $8 billion in annual fees and still provide affordable insurance packages to small business.

I don’t know all of the intricacies of the proposed bill. I guess that makes me about as smart as the folks who passed it, they didn’t read it either. What I do know as a mid-sized company CEO for over 15 years affordable health coverage is in the eye of the beholder.

I cannot think of a single year where our health care costs were not increased to one of my companies. Every year we scrambled to try and balance plan benefits against rising costs while trying to keep employee contributions down.

Large corporations have bargaining power and volume, and are able to secure better pricing. The small and mid-sized business owner has no such advantage. While the new plan talks about Insurance exchanges to allow small business the opportunity to shop their coverage I don’t see that as any different than what they do currently. We had to shop our coverage every few years to keep costs in line.

The bottom line of all of this is costs for business will increase, and employers will take a harder look at hiring full time employees. Prudent companies will consider health care costs in their strategic planning process, deciding whether to make investments in automation vs. full time employees with an ever increasing cost base, It will make the playing field even more uneven with countries such as China where benefits and regulation are not a concern.

Health care reform is certainly needed. It’s unacceptable that so many Americans, especially the “working poor” as they are called, are without health care. The United States spends roughly twice as much as other developed countries on health care and millions are uncovered. There simply has to be a better way. But history has shown us that a government mandated and controlled program isn’t it.

One of the chief reasons why we spend so much on health care is the cost the insurance companies and health care companies absorb trying to deal with government bureaucracy. To see government health care effectiveness you don’t have to look any further than the VA and how our veterans are treated.

The full impact of this bill on business is unknown, even by those who passed it.

A Tweet for Dads Starting an Online Business in 2013

In the world of personal connections, it means that friends are able to keep in touch on an ongoing basis and truly keep up to date with what is happening in their lives. A Twitter comment is a brief entry that can portray feelings, recent events and news, all without the need to log on to a specific website as Twitter can contact you.

And it is the ease and speed of both using Twitter to post and to keep informed, that makes it an incredibly useful business tool.

How it works:

It is incredibly simple. Simply sign up! First and fore most, choose a user name, so your business name is the obvious way to go here. This means people can search you easily which is basically the idea regards business marketing. Then fill in your profile page. Again, regards a business, it is prudent to be as comprehensive as you can be. This is a huge marketplace for your business and you do not want to miss out by coming over all shy. You will be able to create your own Twitter home page and this is your show case moment. Brand it so that it matches your business – being instantly recognisable is how businesses grow – think of well known fast food chains and you have the concept. Now you are ready to tweet!

Use it and don’t abuse it:

Now you have the facility to tweet, use it! This is instant messaging, so if you need to let people know something great about your business, do it! Make sure you keep people up to date, but don’t make a nuisance of yourself. There is a fine line between information giving and stalking. What you don’t want to do is turn your client base off.

And don’t forget that you can follow people’s tweets too! Show an interest, drop in with an occasional hello. Customer good will and regular business client’s are how businesses survive so should never be under estimated.

There are 5 primary ways to make money using Twitter:

1) Promote your business to your followers

2) Promote affiliate products to your followers

3) The direct response approach (replying to messages)

4) Sell your tweets to advertisers. If your Twitter account has 20,000 followers, you can expect to get paid approximately $6 to $10 per tweet!

5) Buy cheap Twitter traffic using websites like and

The Investor's Best Friend – Stock Trader's Almanac 2013

Please keep in mind that the following article is an opinion. Although no source of information on any stock market can be completely trusted, as volatility can be experienced at any time. However, by listening to the advice of experts, risks can be minimized to an extent. The Stock Trader’s almanac 2013 ebook is one source, which has made accurate predictions for the next year, based on knowledge and conditions experienced in 2012.

It is essential to read a plethora of stock insights and analysis, so that reliable buying or selling decisions can be taken, as far as possible. One needs to obtain monthly reminders and understand monthly risks. This information is helpful for both investors and brokers.

Many predictions about domestic financial markets can go wrong, due to uncertainties in the global investment market. Investors need reliable information based on historical sources, so that unnecessary losses can be avoided. Based on historical information on the market with accurate statistics, the Stock trader’s almanac 2013 can help in decision-making,

Investment is not just about providing money, but releasing it intelligently, step by step. Instead of following too many sources of financial data, it is advisable to look at a few reliable sources. These should be backed by solid evidence.

Tools to understand investment patterns are available in a calendar format, which make it easier to organize and follow the patterns. Various tools can be seen in the Stock trader’s almanac 2013 ebook that have been tried and tested. These are used frequently by money managers and investors.

As per historic highs and lows, stock trading patterns are repeated as per periodic cycles. This can only be understood by experienced investors and financial consultants, who have followed the financial markets for a number of years. Tips and tricks known by them are not found in any book.

Whether individuals are frequent or occasional investors, understanding the trends in global stocks are important for both. As the world has become globalized, trade in one part of the world has a certain impact on trade in another part. For example- the 9/11 terrorist attack on the WTC in the US hit the airlines industry all over the world. Sales of tickets plummeted to new lows during that period.

For research tools to be effective, it is important for them to be user-friendly. Various investors must be able to make use of these, without many complications. By using a combination of history and the present, ebooks such as the Stock trader’s almanac 2013 can help in making accurate predictions.